5 Ways to Recognize the Font

How to recognize the font? – probably every graphic and web designer was faced with this problem. You were surfing the internet and saw a logo or a picture with some text and you fell in love with the font that someone was using. Sound familiar? So how to get the name of the font from the picture? This is not so difficult as you think … There are several ways to find or recognize the font. For these methods you need a picture with the text, written by your desired font and you need to know some nuances. This is my 5 ways to recognize the font:


recognize font whatthefont
WhatTheFont – an online tool that lets you to recognize the font on the image. You need to upload an image to WhatTheFont and the tool will try to recognize each letter in the text. Once you confirm the correctness of recognition, the program will give you a list with names of matching fonts.

There are some recommendations for the image:

  • the text on the image must be horizontal (align it if needed);
  • letters must be separated (if the font is a hand-written or characters are connected, try to separate them in Photoshop);
  • if you will use more letters, the recognition of the font would be more accurate (but not more than 50);
  • the maximum size of the image file with font should not be more than 2Mb;
  • try to use high quality images.


recognize font Identifont
Identifont – this tool will let you to identify the font name. You have to answer on some questions that will describe your desired font. Let’s walk through all questions. :)

First you will need to enter your text (try to use the text from your font example). Then comes a set of questions (about 12): “Does your font have serif or not?”, “What is the slope of the letters?”, “Font style?”, “How does the letter a / b…r looks like?”… etc. At the end you will get a list of fonts, which falls under your description.


recognize font fonts.com
Fonts.com – works the same way as Identifont. To recognize the font, you will need to answer on some questions which are related to the characteristics of your font. At the end you will get a list of fonts which fits your description. To speed up the process, you will be asked to enter some text from the font you want to recognize.


recognize font TypeNavigator
TypeNavigator – the world’s first visual interactive font search engine. “Visual” means that you do not need to know anything about the font that you are looking for. All you need – is a picture of the font in your mind.

To begin – select the type of the font you are looking for. Then you’ll need to specify some additional attributes of the font:

  • examples;
  • serif;
  • width;
  • angle;
  • weight;
  • contrast;
  • axis;
  • contour;
  • tools;

Once you have specified your font characteristics, you should press “Search” and TypeNavigator will give you the most matching fonts.


The last method to recognize the font and get its name is more complicated … you need to ask people on various forums, which are dedicated to the fonts, graphic design or typography. It is not the fact that you will get the answer, but there is a chance that someone will help you.

Do you know any other ways to recognize the font?

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  1. otherone says:

    Way #6:
    1. Open .css file
    2. Find all parametres of font
    3. …
    4. Profit !

  2. Sunita says:

    Nice one, great source to know how to know the fonts.

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