10 Rules of Creating Websites for People

Today I’ve visited the lectures of Eric Reiss, en expert in information architecture, usability and user experience.

These terms sound pretty scary, but they describes subject areas, which are important for everyone who working with structure, web design and content.

The lecture was devoted to set of rules (Eric calls it “Dogma”). If you will follow these rules, you’ll be able to create true sites for “people”, free from modern technology and fashion.

10 Rules of Creating Websites for People

  1. Everything that exists only because of inner policy of the website (blog) owner, must be eliminated.
  2. Everything that exists only to satisfy the ego of web designer, must be eliminated.
  3. Everything that does not correspond to content of the website (blog), should be eliminated.
  4. Any feature or technology, which hinders the freedom of navigation on the website (blog), should be fixed or removed.
  5. Any interactive object that forces the user to guess its purpose, should be fixes or removed.
  6. There should not be any software requirements for the correct work of the website (blog), except a browser.
  7. User should be able to read, print and download the content of your website (blog).
  8. Usability should not be sacrificed because of the requirements of style.
  9. The user of your website or blog should not be forced to do registration or disclose their personal data if it is not a necessary procedure for providing of your services.
  10. Violation of any of these rules before the start of work – is barbarism.

10 Rules of Creating Websites for People

In addition, where was one important remark:

  • If we will not require better websites – we’ll never get them.

Your website or blog will be better, more comfortable and popular, if you will follow there guidelines and will control the structure, design and content.

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5 Responses to 10 Rules of Creating Websites for People

  1. Great tips, as long as the content is focused on the users, then the first hurdle has been avoided

  2. Paul Phillip says:

    This is the worse advice in my opinion. I believe in good information structure and website flow, but as a creative designer you need to engage your customers and think big, not boring template structure.

    • Chunky says:

      Oh wow. The variations in the comments are very extreme.
      I love all the rules and feel you can still create a creative design that’s engaging to your fans/customers without it being a boring template structure.

      Thanks Alex…this post was exactly what I needed.

  3. Nice tips. :) The first few seconds that a visitor spends on the website are very vital in retaining the prospective client. Therefore, the web design should be witty to communicate to the visitor what the website is concerning. The most important aim for valuable steering is get your visitors to stay in your site and also for visitors to easily find what they are looking for without difficulty. Scheming useful navigation can also beguile your visitors to try out the other stuff you propose on your site.

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