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Where are a lot of new features in WordPress 3.1 and one of them is Admin Bar and we are going to remove it. Some would say that Admin Bar is very useful and handy because you can easily access your WordPress dashboard, you can add new posts or manage your comments etc… , but where are bloggers, who think that it is annoying and distracting (and I’m one of them), and I can’t work when something is annoying me.

So I will show you how to remove Admin Bar from WordPress blog (or rather, how to disable Admin Bar, because you can turn it on later).

Removing Admin Bar from WordPress Blog

It is really simple, you don’t need any coding, just go to Your Profile (roll over your nick name on Admin Bar and click “Edit My Profile“).

How to Remove Admin Bar from WordPress Blog

In your profile editor you must find “Show Admin Bar” and uncheck “when viewing site“. Save your changes and that’s all.

How to Remove Admin Bar from WordPress Blog

Now your WordPress Admin Bar will not appears on your blog.

Removing Admin Bar in functions.php

If first method was too easy for you, then you can remove your WordPress Admin Bar by adding this line of code to your finctions.php file:

add_filter('show_admin_bar', '__return_false');

This method will be useful if you are developing some WordPress templates or a websites on WordPress where Admin Bar is not necessary.

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9 Responses to Remove Admin Bar from WordPress Blog

  1. I personally like the menu bar, but it’s good to know how to remove it should a client not share my preference. Thanks!

  2. Neverblink says:

    When removing the admin bar from functions.php you are not removing the additional CSS that gets added to the html element when you are logged in, resulting in a 28px empty margin at the top of each page. Solution.. move the body element back up:

    margin-top: -28px;

    • Alex Joy says:

      Thanks for the tip.
      But I was testing this hack on several blogs and there was no empty margins. I guess it depends on the template.

  3. Alex says:

    Thx for the tip. The bar gets annoying after a while so good to know there’s a way do disable it.

  4. Jahangir says:

    100% agree with Alex here, when I first noticed the bar I liked it but after a while it started annoying me and I didn’t know how to remove it.

    I have already removed the bar before reading this post but good to see you posted about it to make more bloggers aware :)

  5. Neil says:

    Thanks a million, I forgot where to find that setting after disabling it.

  6. cool site.. really cool site..
    this is helful. and a very good resource.
    thanks a lot

  7. hells yeah! some of these are AWESOME. I knew there must be some stuff of this quality around. thanks for the round up!

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