Online Tools for Testing Loading Time of Your Blog

Probably all of you understand that your blog loading time (or speed) is a very important SEO factor. Such search engines like Google loves blogs with fast loading time. Loading time is important not just for blogs, but also for websites and forums. If your project is too slow, it can leads to unpleasant effects. Your visitors can leave your blog before its loaded into the browser, because nobody likes blogs that take forever to load. Besides, search engines, especially Google, take into account the loading speed in the overall assessment of the usefulness of your blog.

Fast loading speed of your blog will:

  • Improve your blog’s usability. Readers likes when the website loads quickly.
  • Improve your SEO, because search engines will crawl your pages faster (Google prefer fast websites).

Online Tools for Testing Loading Speed of Your Blog

In order to understand how fast your blog’s pages are loaded, you can use, for example, the features of FireBug add-on for FireFox. If you don’t want to install add-ons, you can use one of the online services which are designed to test loading time of your blog. I will give you the list of such resources.

Measuring blog’s loading speed with Site-Perf

Measuring blog's loading speed with Site-Perf

Site-Perf allows you to select testing server location (“Test-point” field) before testing loading speed of your blog, this will helps you to get more accurate results. Also, you can choose “Max threads per host” to simulate website loading in different browsers.

As a result, you will get a table with a total loading time and a total weight of the web page. Also, you will get detailed graph with loading diagrams of all the separate elements of the page, addresses of these elements, their size and the server’s responses. In general, you will get all of the ins and outs of loading process.

This is an example of my results:
Loading speed of my blog

Pingdom – Website’s Loading Speed Test

Pingdom - Website's Loading Speed Test

Online tool Pingdom. You do not need to choose a server for the testing, as well as there is no need to specify the number of threads. Simply enter the URL of the web page which you want to test. You will get a diagram with loading time of all files from your page, as well as their addresses and weight. The summary of this test will be displayed at the bottom.

Loading time of my blog:
Pingdom - Website's Loading Speed Test

You can copy the permanent link to your loading test and send it via E-mail, Twitter or share it on Facebook. Also, you can subscribe for uptime and response monitoring. If your blog will be unavailable, you will get an e-mail or SMS with alert.

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  1. Hey alex, what if internet speed on particular PC is low, then they may think our site load time is high, but actually their speed is low, how to solve this ?

  2. adumpaul says:

    Realy useful information.Thank you .

  3. Ifham khan says:

    I personally use Pingdom, its a great tool really

  4. awosome post brother:)

  5. Sangram says:

    Hi..great article.. i have one query but not related to this…
    I like the pictures you put..for ex.

    How do you capture such images? is it any simple tool for it?

  6. Hey Alex
    I really liked your post and the sites you suggest are really helpful.
    All the best

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