How to Write a Beautiful Blog Post

Much has been written about the “blog design” already (in general), but there are not so many information about “design of the blog post” (the main part of the blog). The topic of this post is “How to write a beautiful post” in WordPress.

To write a beautiful post, you should pay attention on items on my list. I gladly accept your suggestions about what else you can add to this list. I am sure that here you can add much more information.

How to Write a Beautiful Blog Post

How to make your blog post looks better:

Images – images and illustrations in the post – it’s gold! They catch an eye and attract the reader’s attention, they illustrate your thoughts, they inspire, they expand the imagination and connect visual perception. Pictures are especially needed in the big post. Using a good illustrations transforms boring and long text into an easily readable post – Learn how to use this!

Graphs and charts are working the same way as images. Good charts, tables, graphs and diagrams will add some depth to your content, some seriousness and visual attractiveness.

Formatting – one of the largest and most serious mistakes of the bloggers. Many posts are full text, text, text and some text after text … sometimes even without spaces between paragraphs. Remember! – most of the people do not “read” content in the internet, they are “scanning” it with their eyes. You need to try well to break up the text correctly and draw the attention of the reader to the right places. To do this: use lists, bold, italic font, size and color, quotes and other techniques available to you.

Subheadings – I love subheadings – seriously, I never writing posts without h3 or h2 sub headings. It is attracting an attention in the right places, separates the article into different parts. I will give you one useful advice – subheading is as important as the main title. One of the purposes of the subheading – is to make your readers to pay attention on the text below it and let them understand what this part of text is about. So, spend more time developing the subheading.

Short paragraphs – don’t wright posts in one long paragraph, this will make it unreadable for your readers. Try to break your text into small sections, to make it less overloaded and more achievable for your visitors.

Why this works:

There are several reasons why a “design of posts” is working.

First impression – the design of the post is working the same way as the design of your blog. It will tell to your visitors about what is your blog about and why he should subscribe to your RSS feed. The design and formatting of a single post can tell a lot about you to new readers.

Grabbing readers attention – a beautifully designed post – is a good way draw attention and “pull out” your readers from the RSS clients, where they are “scanning” dozens of blogs while looking for interesting information.

Make it better – visualization of the post may well enhance your content. Illustrations, videos, tables, charts and graphs – all this things will make the reader to understand what you are professional.

Supports the web habits – many readers do not read posts without pictures, as I already wrote – “they are scanning posts with their eyes”.

Let me remind you that “beautiful post” must have “interesting content”…

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  1. here here Alex

    I have guest authors on my site and I never allow them to publish thier own posts as many of them just don’t seem to get that they really do need to be “beautiful posts” as you call them.

    I spend a lot of time editing before I publish any posts on their behalf and always add an image to brighten things up and capture the readers eye. Only in very few cases do I have diffculty finding a suitable image so I might add a couple of appropriate blockquotes and as you say good paragraph breaks and headers.) I usually add a caption snippet to the image and always alt and description for SEO purposes. My guest authors often email me to say “thanks post looks great” so its always worth the effort for them and Im sure my readers will be enjoying the posts more.

    It really does make sense that post are “beautiful”…

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