How to install a forum on WordPress Blog

I’d love to have a forum on some of my resources, but guess why I don’t have them? Yes, I am too lazy. But if you suddenly decided to establish a forum on your WordPress blog – I have a solution for you. There are many plugins for WordPress, which are created in order to add functionality of forums to your blog. I’ve compiled a list of 6 plugins which will help you to install a forum on your WordPress blog.

How to install a forum on WordPress Blog


bbPress – this is the forum engine from the creators of WordPress.

bbPress forum wordpress


Simple:Press – a very feature-rich and fully compatible forum plugin for WordPress.

simplepress forum wordpress Embeddable Forums Embeddable Forums – it’s the easiest way to add a forum, message board or discussion board to your blog.

talki forum wordpress


Wp2BB will integrate phpBB forum to your WordPress blog. This plugin will automatically create a new thread on the forum for each new post on blog.

wp2bb forum wordpress


ccForum – is a plugin which will combine myBB bulletin board with your WordPress blog. It will allow your readers to use one of the most powerful forum engines.

ccForum forum wordpress

Mingle Forum

Mingle Forum – allows you to easily and quickly install a forum on your WordPress blog.

mingle forum wordpress

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    Quite a lot of time spent to find this information in the network. Not yet stumbled on this topic.

  3. S. S. Sharma says:

    Can we use some WP Theme to install forum at wordpress.

  4. Chunky says:

    Thanks Alex for another very informative post. There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s a lot of more people who benefited from this post who didn’t comment. So thanks from me and all of them.

  5. Dude are the forum better than Answers website.

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    Hello,I am new to the forum and just say hi.Hope to talk with more friends.

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    Thanks for the information. I have searched a lot for this information on hw to install a forum on a wordpress blog and now I know. :)

  8. otobong says:

    Exactly what I wanted. Now I can make my wordpress blog more interactive that’s so much

  9. hello anyone can help me.. How to setup Perfectly wordpress plug in.. i tried many time to set up forum plug in but i failed and failed…
    i like to set up Mingle Forum please… help me how can i set up it in my

  10. Great guide, bbpress is the choice am going for!

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