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Creating a Sitemaps for WordPress Blog

Creating a Sitemaps for Wordpress Blog

Using the Sitemap, webmasters can inform search engines about the web pages and posts that are available for crawling on their blog. Sitemap – is an XML-file, which contains all URL-addresses of blog’s pages and posts, combined with the metadata associated with each URL-address (date of last modification, frequency of changes, the priority of the page) so that search engines can crawl the blog more correctly.

Usually, search engine crawlers are finding new blog posts by incoming links or links from another pages of your blog. By adding a sitemap to your blog, you can direct search engines to all your content. Creating a Sitemap for your Wordpress blog is one of the first and important steps in search engine optimization of your blog (i.e. SEO).

How to Optimize Title Tags for SEO

How to Optimize Title Tags for SEO

Title tag is one of the most important part of any blog or website page, so, as a web designer or SEO optimizer you should pay more attention on how you compose it. Creating correct titles is similar to art and not everyone can make it properly from the first try, that’s why you need to know some SEO tricks for titles. If you will use this 12 tips for optimizing and using your title tags, you will avoid many problems in the future.

How to Write a Beautiful Blog Post

How to Write a Beautiful Blog Post

Much has been written about the “blog design” already (in general), but there are not so many information about “design of the blog post” (the main part of the blog). The topic of this post is “How to write a beautiful post” in Wordpress.

To write a beautiful post, you should pay attention on items on my list. I gladly accept your suggestions about what else you can add to this list. I am sure that here you can add much more information.

How to Get Your Twitter RSS Feed URL

How to Get Your Twitter RSS Feed URL

How to get your Twitter RSS feed url? As you know, Twitter has recently updated its design and something changed. RSS feed button of your Twitter account disappeared. But do not be afraid, the RSS feed is there… somewhere… this is just a designers glitch and they promise to fix it. While they did not, I’ll wright a very short tip for finding your Twitter RSS feed URL.

How to install a forum on WordPress Blog

How to install a forum on Wordpress Blog

I’d love to have a forum on some of my resources, but guess why I don’t have them? Yes, I am too lazy. But if you suddenly decided to establish a forum on your WordPress blog – I have a solution for you. There are many plugins for WordPress, which are created in order to add functionality of forums to your blog. I’ve compiled a list of 6 plugins which will help you to install a forum on your Wordpress blog.

10 Rules of Creating Websites for People

10 Rules of Creating Websites for People

Today I’ve visited the lectures of Eric Reiss, en expert in information architecture, usability and user experience.

These terms sound pretty scary, but they describes subject areas, which are important for everyone who working with structure, web design and content.

The lecture was devoted to set of rules (Eric calls it “Dogma”). If you will follow these rules, you’ll be able to create true sites for “people”, free from modern technology and fashion.

How to Create Wireframe of Website

How to Create Wireframe of Website

Volkside design company made a gift for web developers, releasing free bookmarklet tool – Wirify. With Wirify you can create wireframe of any website with just one click.

This is very useful tool to quickly assess some aspects of website design: a modular system of layout, visual hierarchy, white space, symmetry, golden section, the rule of thirds, etc.

How to show previews of WordPress themes on your blog

How to show previews of Wordpress themes on your blog

Once I was asked the question, “How to show previews of Wordpress templates to potential clients the same way, as on woothemes or themeforest?”. It’s a very useful thing for portfolio, if you are web designer who creates Wordpress themes.

So, after some web searching, I found a plugin for showing demos of Wordpress templates – Wordpress Theme Demo Bar, which I’ve decided to test. The result of my testing was very good. This plugin is easy to use and I would recommend it to many web designers.

Let us consider the possibilities of this plugin.